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In the world of clinical research data, organisations often struggle to handle data efficiently due to, amongst others, strict regulations. This inevitably causes delayed drug approvals and losses in market share, profit, and investment opportunities.

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Accurate reporting

Harnessing the power of data science.

With a deep understanding of the complexities involved in clinical research, supplemented with extensive knowledge of advances in data science, Scigenix fast-tracks data management and processing services. Our services include the following:

data management

1. Data management

Our team specialise in data management services for clinical research, ensuring data accuracy, reliability, patient safety, and efficient trial execution, ultimately supporting the safety and efficacy claims of investigational products.

2. Biostatistics

Scigenix's BIOS unit utilises R for statistical analysis and reporting, employing good software development practices, complete visibility of coding projects, thorough testing, and access to the latest statistical computing techniques and reporting technologies, all led by an experienced team covering the full spectrum of clinical research statistical activities.

Medical writing

3. Medical writing

Scigenix provides comprehensive medical writing services in clinical trials, from protocol development to Clinical Study Reports (CSRs), ensuring regulatory compliance, clarity, accuracy, ethical reporting, and collaborative efforts with various stakeholders.

4. Data science

We harnesses the power of data science to enhance clinical trials, optimising drug development by streamlining processes, reducing costs, and improving patient outcomes through the efficient application of data science techniques.

Data science

Generating scientific excellence.

Our clients enjoy superior data analysis, delivered faster and at a lower cost, providing them with accurate insights efficiently and affordably.


High-quality data and
research insights.


Informed decision-making through flexible, cost-effective, and precise solutions.


Cutting-edge tools and


Highly-skilled specialists ensuring exceptional quality control.

Where data and expertise converge.

Through our tried and tested 5-step framework, Scigenix ensures that you receive value-driven solutions that address your specific needs.

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Comply with regulatory standards

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Foster collaboration

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Deliver actionable outcomes


your needs

We deeply analyse our client's problems to create tailored solutions.



We handle all regulatory paperwork to ensure compliance.



We actively engage your team, valuing their input in a collaborative partnership.



Our skilled team uses advanced technology to deliver exceptional results.



We provide final reports, data sets, and submission packages that meet regulatory standards.

Unlocking data. Transforming research.

Partnering with Scigenix helps organisations succeed faster, avoiding delays, loss of market share, profit loss, and patent risks.

Contact our team today to start the process and benefit from our revolutionary data processing services.

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